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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked question and answers about the Robomaid Robot Vacuum Cleaner, and there is a lot more information on the Features page, the What is a Robomaid page, the Online Store and of course, you're always welcome to Contact Us. Don't forget to check out our Reviews page, Testimonials Page, and Facebook page to read real comments from real customers.

The Robomaid in your home

How is a Robomaid different to a regular vacuum cleaner?

Robomaid is a powerful robotic vacuum cleaner that vacuums your floors without you needing to lift a finger. Energy-efficient and fully automatic, the Robomaid goes about its business while you go about yours. No tubes. No cords. No bags. No stress. Visit our Features Page to discover more about Robomaid.

What flooring surfaces does it work on?

All of them! The Robomaid RM-770 Robot vacuum Cleaner will work on any flat flooring surface, including carpet, tiles, hardwood floors, linoleum, vinyl, slate, or any combination of flooring. For hard floors such as polished timber or tiles, it is especially effective when used with the included mopping attachment. Please note: The Robomaid is not suitable for very long-stranded shagpile carpets and rugs with long fringes or tassles.

Does it work on dark or black carpets?

Yes! The Robomaid RM-770 Robot vacuum Cleaner will work on any flooring surface, including dark or balck carpets. It comes with very simple instructions on allowing the sensors to not be affected by any flooring surface, so if there are black carpets, dark surfaces, rugs with dark borders or patterns throughout, follow the simple instructions included and have your floors cleaned as often as you like.

Can it go from carpet to tiles or floor boards?

Yes, absolutely! The Robomaid RM-770 can climb heights of up to 1.6cm and will easily transition between different flooring surfaces, automatically adjusting for maximum effectiveness.

Where can I see or buy the Robomaid?

The Robomaid RM-770 robot vacuum cleaner is only available direct from Robomaid Australia. You can order online or by calling us on 1800 794 191. Check out our videos page to see actual demonstrations of the Robomaid and with our 50 day money back guarantee, why not give it a go and see first-hand how having a Robomaid can make a difference to you!

Is it good with pet fur?

Absolutely! The Robomaid RM-770 Robot Vacuum Cleaner uses a combination of a rapidly spinning brush and vacuum suction. The spinning brush is amazingly effective for digging hair out of carpet and lifting it off hard floors. It is far more effective to pick hair up by brushing it out than just relying on suction as a traditional vacuum cleaner does.

Does the Robomaid go from room to room?

Yes! The Robomaid will automatically go from room to room in and out or doorways, under furniture, around furniture legs. Wherever it can fit, it will go and wherever it goes, it cleans. On a full charge, it will cover about 90 - 100 square meters and you can easily contain it by closing doors or using a virtual wall.

How does it know where to go?

The Robomaid RM-770 Robot Vacuum Cleaner uses a series of moves and patterns to ensure it effectively and thoroughly covers the area. It will automatically navigate from room to room, under furniture, around legs of furniture and can cover about 90 - 100 sqm in a full charge.

My house is like __________. Will it work for me?

The Robomaid is designed with an algorithm that will cover an area of 100 square meters and will adapt to any home. If your home is larger than this, simply reduce the given cleaning area but shutting a door or using the included Virtual Wall.

Will it do the corners?

Being round, the Robomaid won't get right into the corners and edges, however, it will try to get into the corners as much as it can, and the side brush will help bring dirt and dust from the edges and corners into the main vacuuming area, which is just 2-3cm from the edge. Also, if you use the Robomaid every single day, the corners and edges tend not to build up with dirt and dust as they would with a weekly vacuuming routine.

Does it fall down stairs?

No! The Robomaid has built-in stair detectors which will detect a ledge and automatically reverse and move in another direction.

Does it climb on rugs?

Yes! The Robomaid RM-770 can climb heights of up to 1.6 cm and will easily transition between different flooring surfaces, automatically adjusting for maximum effectiveness.

Does the Robomaid move in a random way?

No, the Robomaid RM-770 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is not completely random as it works uses a series of moves and patterns to ensure it effectively and thoroughly covers the area that will adapt to your home. It will automatically navigate from room to room, under furniture, around legs of furniture and can cover about 90 - 100 sqm in a full charge.    

What is the suction power / wattage?

Because the Robomaid has no tubes, is directly on the floor, moves slowly, overlaps itself so much, and uses a rapidly spinning brush to stir and lift the dust, dirt, and hair before sucking it in, it doesn't need a lot of suction like a traditional vacuum that you have to push. Because of this incredibly efficient design the Robomaid only requires 15 watts of suction to do an amazing clean and that's also a huge saving in energy - both electrical and human!

Does it cost much to run?

Not at all! The cost of running the Robomaid daily is basically the cost of recharging the Lithium-Ion battery (3 - 4 hours per day). See the table below to compare this to the running cost of an average 1700 watt vacuum cleaner.


 Robomaid RM-770 Daily

1700 watt vacuum
(1 hour every day)

 1700 watt vacuum
(1 hour every week)

Annual Cost of Running

 $5.95  $118.10  $16.87

Greenhouse emissions

 33 kg CO2  662 kg CO2  95 kg CO2

Will the Robomaid miss a spot?

The Robomaid RM-770 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is designed to overlap itself time and time again, so if it misses a spot, it will generally come back for it later on. It will automatically navigate from room to room, under furniture, around legs of furniture and can cover about 90 - 100 sqm in a full charge. The Robomaid will operate in a slightly different way each time, so even if it misses a spot today, there's a good chance it will get it tomorrow, or the next day, etc.

Will the Robomaid scratch wooden floors?

The Robomaid has rubberised tyres so it won't scratch your timber floors. With the microfiber mopping attachment clipped on it will also wipe down and buff your wooden floors as it vacuums!

How does it deal with a dining table and chairs?

If the Robomaid can fit into a space it will go there and clean, otherwise it will simply go around the obstacle. Putting the dining room chairs up on the table like in a restaurant before setting the Robomaid to work will ensure a really thorough clean.

Does it pick up sand?

Yes, of course. The combination of the spinning brush, which digs deep into carpets and won't scratch your timber floors, and the vacuum suction unit will effectively pick up sand, dust, hair, debris, dirt, crumbs, etc.

If the working area is larger than the battery capacity will it go and recharge and then resume?

The Robomaid can be set so it will relaunch when fully charge. It is designed to overlap itself so it doesn't keep track of where it has or hasn't been and it doesn't know how large your house is, so it will simply vacuum starting from its Docking Station.

What happens if the Robomaid dustbin is full before the vacuuming is completed?

The dustbin in the Robomaid is completely bagless, and has a capacity of 1,000CC, which is similar to 1 kg of sugar. If the Robomaid's dustbin fills up while vacuuming, it will continue to vacuum until the battery is low, then return to the Docking Station. Like any other vacuum cleaner, if it is used when the bin is full, it will simply not be able to pick anything else up.

Do you have to move the docking station from room to room?

Not at all, the Docking Station is for charging only and the Robomaid will go about it's cleaning routine without it. If the Robomaid is low on power, it will try to find the Docking Station and if there's no docking station to be found, it will stop somewhere and chirp every 30 seconds to let you know where it is.

What if it comes across a wet floor?

The Robomaid is designed to be able to handle vacuuming a few water drops off the floor, however, running it in a wet bathroom is not suitable. When using the Microfiber mopping attachment, the Robomaid will easily mop up a few water drops.

How noisy is the Robomaid?

The Robomaid is about 70 decibels while vacuuming, but it does depend on the flooring surface as carpet absorbs noise, but tiles do not. The best thing about the Robomaid is that it will happily vacuum while you are out and you will never hear it!

Will the Robomaid set off my alarm system?  

It depends on the alarm system, but if your alarm system is designed to be 'pet friendly' like most are, it should be fine to use without setting it off.

Will my pets like it?

Children and pets react differently to the Robomaid, however, most will be curious at first, then get used to it soon after. Children are especially fascinated by the self-navigating robotic vacuum cleaner that they even take an active interest in using it to clean their own rooms. It is safe for children to be around it, however, supervision is always recommended. It is ideal for keeping up with pet hair, crumbs and everyday messes that accumulate on your floors.

Will it damage my furniture?

There are 28 sensors built in and around the Robomaid to detect walls and furniture and other obstacles including stairs. There is also a shock absorbing bumper if something is not detected. We also provide furniture protection adhesives to stick on the bumper for even more protection. On the lowest speed setting, the Robomaid RM-770 will react to the slightest touch of an object.

What if it gets stuck / tangled up?

It is always recommended to keep your floors free from clutter, loose cables, etc as long strands and cables can get tangled in the Robomaid as it uses a spinning brush. If the strands of carpet are longer than approx. 5cm, it may cause an error. If the RM-770 can get into an area, it will normally be able to get out of that area, and if it is stuck, it will try to find the middle of the room and shut down, chirping every 30 seconds to let you know where it is.

Features & Accessories

Where is it made?

The Robomaid RM-770 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is made in China.

What's the mopping attachment?

The mopping attachment is a microfiber dust cloth that clips onto the underside of the Robomaid and can be used on any hard flooring surface. It will wipe the floor as it vacuums and can be used dry or damp and is machine washable. Used dry on timber floors, it will buff and polish the floors as it vacuums and used damp, it will mop your floors as it vacuums.

What's the Virtual Wall?

The Virtual Wall is a battery-powered accessory unit that sends out a beam of light which acts as a kind of fence - the cleaner will not cross the beam of light emitted by it. It is perfect for sectioning off an area you don't want the cleaner to go to such as through a hallway or a child's play area.

What is included in the Twin Pack?

The Twin Pack contains 2 Complete Robomaid packages each with their own Docking Station, Power Adaptor, Virtual Wall, Remote Control, Microfibre Mopping Attachment, 2 Microfibre Cloths, spare Filters, 2 Side Brushes, Soft Bumper Adhesives, Cleaning Tool, User Manual and Instructional DVD.

What does the UV light do?

The built-in UV lamp on the underside of the cleaner emits UV light on to the floors as it vacuums, which can kill bacteria, dust mites, germs, insects and insect eggs. It's great for anyone with allergies, asthmatics or other sufferers, and anyone who likes to have a clean floor.

What is the remote control for?

The Remote can be used to direct the Robomaid, start the Robomaid and send the Robomaid back to the docking station at any time in the cleaning cycle. The Robomaid is fully functional without the Remote control if you choose not to use it.


What on going maintenance is needed?

Emptying the dustbin every few days is necessary and other than that, it's just general cleaning and maintenance of the spinning brush every week or two. Cleaning or changing the filters periodically is recommended also as this will improve the effectiveness of the cleaner.

Is the Robomaid easy to clean?

The Robomaid is extremely easy to clean, simply empty the bag less dustbin and remove the spring loaded main brush as needed. We suggest washing the filters about once every 2 months. 

How often should I change the filters?

The Robomaid comes with a triple filtration system, using a total of 4 filters, which are all washable and reusable. The filters should be changed after 6-12 months depending on frequency of use and the amount of dust in your home. Each Robomaid also comes with a spare set of filters. We suggest that you wash out the filters every 2-3 months and regular cleaning will ensure consistent performance.

How long will the battery last? Is it replaceable and what is the cost of replacing it?

The Robomaid features a Lithium-Ion Battery, which can last for up to 1,000 recharge cycles and is easily replaceable for $79.95 plus p&h. It can be ordered online here.


What happens if I am not home when the Robomaid is delivered?

All Robomaids are delivered via Australia Post and a tracking number will be emailed to you as soon as it is despatched. If you are not home when it is delivered, Australia Post will leave a card and you can simply pick it up from your local Post Office.

How much is the postage to __________?

Postage and Handling is Free to anywhere in Australia!


Does the Robomaid come with a warranty?

Each Robomaid comes with a standard 12 month Manufacturer's warranty.

What if things go wrong?

Visit our online support centre for help.  Click here for more information about our warranty.