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Robomaid Robot Vacuum features

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The Robomaid 3D model is loading above. Once loaded, you'll be able to use your mouse to rotate the Robomaid in any direction by clicking on it and moving your mouse. Hovering the cursor over different areas will highlight the feature.

Behind its attractive exterior, the Robomaid is made up of numerous features that make it the complete package.

So what exactly makes it the future of vacuuming? Explore the Robomaid with our 3D model and read below for all the details.

So how does it work? In a nutshell it uses a combination of a turbo-head spinning brush, a side brush to clean dust along the walls, and a suction component to suck all the dust, hair and dirt lifted by the main brush.

With 28 sensors to detect walls and furniture, as well as a shock-absorbing bumper that won’t mark your walls or furniture, the Robomaid effectively cleans for up to an hour covering at least 100 square meters every time.

Vacuums any surface

The Robomaid will go to work on almost any surface including tiles, carpet, timber and marble. The Robomaid will vacuum and mop timber floors, and can climb over 1.5cm allowing it to hop onto rugs and automatically adjust from one surface to another.

Returns to its Docking Station

The Robomaid will automatically park itself back on its docking station when its battery is low. It will literally stop its vacuuming and take itself back for a recharging session that usually lasts around three hours. So not only do you do nothing during the vacuuming, you do nothing when it needs recharging! The docking station can also be used as a timer – schedule your next vacuum and you don’t even need to be home when the Robomaid goes to work!

Mopping Attachment

The Robomaid comes with a microfiber mopping cloth and when attached it can mop while it vacuums. Yes, it mops and vacuums at the same time! The microfiber cloth attachment can be used damp for mopping or dry for polishing. Now that’s a pretty smart cleaner.

Stairs and ledge Detectors

Does your home have stairs? How about various ledges? Well, we thought of that and gave the Robomaid an in-built stair/ledge detector that’ll prevent it from taking any nasty falls. Need to get your Robomaid down the stairs? Do it the old-fashioned way – carry it down without a care in the world as it only weighs 3.5kgs!

Side Brush for Edges & Corners

The Robomaid leaves no stone unturned. Its spinning side brush sweeps dust and dirt up into its internal dustbin from all corners and edges of your walls.

UV Light to Kill Bacteria

The in-built UV light gives you a sparkling-clean floor, safe for your whole family. Let your kids play on your floor knowing that the Robomaid has the ability to kill bacteria, germs, dustmites and microscopic insects by emitting a UV light as it vacuums.

Remote Control

Like to be in control? Well, we’ve thought of that too. The included remote control allows you to start and stop the Robomaid as well as ‘drive’ it, controlling not only direction but speed too. Here’s a tip – put it in super-slow-mo for an extremely thorough clean.

Comes Ready for Your Home

There’s no need to move furniture for the Robomaid. The Robomaid has an in-built floor-covering algorithm which allows it to work its way around your floors with plenty of overlapping no matter the layout, while the sensors automatically detect furniture, walls and other obstacles. The only thing you have to do is press the Go button!

Virtual Wall

Don’t want the Robomaid to go into a particular area? No problem. The Virtual Wall is a small device that sends a signal preventing the Robomaid from crossing over the beam – in effect it’s like closing a door without having to close a door. Although your robot vacuum cleaner will automatically move about your home, the virtual wall lets you decide where it can and can’t go.

Compact Size Compact Power

The Robomaid uses a powerful helical spinning brush in conjunction with a suction motor to lift dirt, dust, debris, and hair from your floors every day. Being just 11.5cm tall and 35cm in diameter allows it to scoot under couches and beds and into all kinds of hard to reach places. It’s also bagless and weighs just 3.5kgs, making it easy to carry around if need be.

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    Robomaid comes ready for your home.

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  • Order your Robomaid today.

    Was $599. Now Just $369! (Limited Time Only) & Free Shipping! More Info.

    Robomaid Img Robomaid Img

    See the Robomaid in action.

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    What is a Robomaid?

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  • Order your Robomaid today.

    Was $599. Now Just $369! (Limited Time Only) & Free Shipping! More Info.

    Robomaid Img Robomaid Img

    See the Robomaid in action.

    Watch the Videos and see what the Robomaid can do for you.

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