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Robomaid Robot Vacuum Reviews

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Listed as one of the 8 best products for busy mums.

"... Saving hours of cleaning and giving you more time to look after the kids."


Featured under "What's Cool".

"Imagine never having to lift a finger to vacuum again."


Featured in Top 3 Innovative New Products to Make Your Home Sparkle

"The Robomaid is super-easy, super-clever, and super-stylish."


Featured in Top 3 Innovative New Products to Make Your Home Sparkle

"The Robomaid is super-easy, super-clever, and super-stylish."


Digital Reviews on the Robomaid

"Men at Work (watching)...
It is something of a strange sight to see men in the office getting excited about a vacuum cleaner….It is fascinating to watch how the Robomaid goes about the office in a rather roundabout way without seemingly any particular pattern but it is clear that over time the whole carpet will be covered during its cleaning frenzy. It is really amazing to see how much carpet fluff and dust this robotic vacuum collects in just 10 min of work! Probably the most exciting thing to watch is the automatic docking: when the power is down to about 15% the Robomaid shuts down the vacuuming part of things and starts looking for home.

Highly recommended!"

- Martin A. Regtien, Digital Reviews


“Hi Robomaid, just thought I would send you this picture. This is the amount of dirt that Milly, my Robomaid, picked up off my bedroom floor after a thorough vacuum with my M***e vacuum cleaner. The match box is there for comparison. I set Milly to go again which may surprise me even more!”

- Jan, Adelaide, SA

Craving Tech reviews
the Robomaid

Michael Aulia has reviewed the Robomaid on his blog ‘Craving
Tech’. Below is his summary of what he thought about the

“Robomaid is a dream come true. It automatically vacuums your house whenever you want it to and it will automatically go back to the docking station to recharge. The rotating brush underneath the unit picks up dirt and dust like there’s no tomorrow. Most importantly, it’s also child and pet friendly!”
fb review

"My Husband was quite skeptical, but he's fallen in love with Sadie and Bobby in our house. He can't believe how they pick up the black fur off the cream carpet... all gone...everytime. We LOVE them."

- Jill P. on Facebook


"Last week I got some mail that has changed my life forever!  I received my Robomaid that I ordered as a treat for myself.  Robomaid has entered our home and now it is like a pet to me :)  It is my new best friend!

I admit that while I was waiting for my Robomaid to arrive, I was a little sceptical.  I tried not to set high expectations for the machine, thinking that I didn't want to be disappointed when I actually saw it in action.  I put her into our bedroom last week and was shocked (both horrified and overjoyed) at the results.

She picked up so much gunk... I was absolutely horrified at the amount of dirt and fluff that had been living in our carpet, as I vacuum regularly with our M**** vacuum cleaner - nothing fancy, but I thought it did the job.  I am soooo happy with my purchase! It is a truly wonderful addition to our household and I highly recommend it to everyone :)"

 - Cassandra, Cassadiva

cassadiva_img cassadiva_img

"Now I will start by saying I was a sceptic.We really do love her, she is part of the family already and now I wonder what I did without her. Every single day this little powerhouse zooms around cleaning the floor and it picks up the most AMAZING amount of dirt I mean seriously I thought my floors were pretty clean and after vacuuming my bedroom check out what the Robomaid collected- eww.

NOW for the very best part. The Robomaid is also the perfect entertainment for our little Oliver. He loves to follow her around the house giggling hysterically trying to chase her."

 - Jade Conran, Super Organised Mum

mum-time.png mum-time.png

autoChic.com.au Reviews the Robomaid Robot Vacuum Cleaner

"To use this nifty vacuum robot, it’s as simple as plug and play – after the initial charge time of 12 hours (required only once), she was ready to work, whisking around my house, under tables and the couch (yes, she re-emerged unscathed some minutes later); effortlessly picking up hair, dust, dirt and even those (*insert squeal here) belly-up cockroaches.

The ROBOMAID is also smart enough to know when to stop – she comes programmable to recognise a no-go zone (think a ledge, a step or a china cabinet) and can also mop as well as vacuum, killing bacteria along the way."

  - Juliet Potter, autoChic.com.au

"Best GADGET ever. I can do just as good a job as a dishwasher on the washing up or a washing machine with the washing - probably a better job - but this gadget does a better job of vacuuming than I can do. It is more persistent and thorough and is more efficient than the back breaking vacuuming pipes because it is closer to the action at the floor level and has a wider intake. It is brilliant for my purposes."

- Sue on Facebook


Robomaid Review
by Hip Little One

"While she does the hard work I get to go play games with the kids, sit on the couch and read a book or even go outside or do some shopping. Our trustworthy family member picks up dust, hair, crumbs and dirt from our floorboards, kitchen tiles and rug and can work up to an hour before she needs a rest (recharge), I would have to sit down long before that!"

- Simone Wootton, Hip Little One


Robomaid Review
by Maid In Australia

"It's a tiny little package, and I honestly wasn't sure if it could tackle the pet hair, food scraps, and assorted crap left around by small humans and animals, but Robomaid is incredibly efficient, and very quiet. 

The pets weren't particularly interested in it, though Mr 10 and Miss 8 quickly competed to see who could use the remote control first. (Yep, it even has one of those. Who needs toys when you have a robot vacuum cleaner?) 

You know how men often risk their marriages by giving stuff like vacuum cleaners as presents? I think most women would forgive them one of these."

- Bronwyn Marquardt, Maid In Australia

"We are a couple of disabled people who have extreme trouble cleaning the floor with a standard vacuum cleaner. Your product has change our life for the better so much I recon I would pay twice the asking price now i know how good it is.We are very happy with our Robomaid. ... have relied on others to vacuum for nearly 12 years, so this is great for me to maintain my independence." 

- John and Kym, Clare SA


Robomaid RM-770 Robot Vacuum Review on MotherDriven.com.au

"Sure, I’d heard of Robo Cop and Robo Chicken, but when I heard a ROBOMAID was in the mail and headed for my home, I truly didn’t know what to expect – a Robin Williams’ Bicentennial Man robot or a digital version of the Brady Bunch’s Alice perhaps?

Turns out neither is even remotely (excuse the pun) what I unpacked. The ROBOMAID in fact actually looks like a mini UFO and is the latest in clever home-help gadgetry, making your life easier in cleaning your floors, freeing up your valuable time to do the other more important things in your life.

This robotic vacuum cleaner is compact, and light enough to be carried from room to room; yet heavy-duty enough to single-handily clean floors – both carpets and boards."

 - Juliet Potter, MotherDriven.com.au


Hip Chic & Tot reviews the Robomaid RM-770

"The Robomaid was excellent when it came to removing dust & hair off my rugs, believe me that alone is enough for me to fall in love with.

Overall, I must admit I was a little sceptical in the beginning, but since using the Robomaid I’ve recommended it all my friends and families. Being a SAHM with kids under 7, I think the automatic vacuum cleaner is best for families with young kids, who are forever trying to clean after the family."

 - Selin Tas, Hip Chic and Tot

"Thank you Robomaid arrived safely. The first initial test it works as described. very cool. I am a robotics and electronics technician. I am so far impressed. I only bought the thing because I like robots. I came across your Website while trying to find parts for my ordinary vacuum cleaner. I wanted one as soon as i saw it. and was not much interested in the fact that it can clean floors. I am a realest and i don't expect much from a computer. But s**t it can clean floors! Thanks best regards"

- Rod, Sunbury, VIC

Robomaid Reviews

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  • Order your Robomaid today.

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    See the Robomaid in action.

    Watch the Videos and see what the Robomaid can do for you.

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