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Robomaid RM-770


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The Robomaid RM–770, the robot vacuum cleaner that vacuums for you.


The Robomaid is simple to use, efficient and very reliable. At the touch of a button the Robomaid will automatically move around your floors picking up dirt, dust and debris from hard floors, carpets and rugs. You can also set an automatic timer and have your Robomaid go to work each and every day with no involvement from you.  The Robomaid RM-770 comes ready to go and complete with everything you need.


Thinking of someone else who could benefit from hands-free automatic vacuuming? Check out the Robomaid Twin Pack!


Also, for extra peace of mind, check out our options for Extended Warranty here.


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Each Robomaid comes complete with everything you need:

Robomaid RM-770 Robot Vacuum   Instructional DVD
Docking Station with Programmable Timer  User Manual
Remote Control (requires 2 AAA batteries)  Set of Spare Filters
Virtual Wall  (requires 2 D batteries)  Bumper Adhesives
Microfiber Mopping Attachment  Cleaning Tool
2 x Microfiber Mopping Cloths  2 x Side Brushes
12 month manufacturers warranty  Power Adaptor

Technical Specifications

Model: Robomaid RM-770 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Dimensions: Diameter: 35cm Height: 11cm Weight: 3.5kg Speed: 24cm/sec (fastest) 15 cm/sec (slowest speed) Battery: 14.4v 2200 mAh Lithium-ion Charging Time: 3 - 4hrs Operation Time: ~60 mins vacuuming plus docking Capacity of Dustbin: 1000CC Length of Main Brush: 25cm Noise Grade: ~70dB Input Rated Power: 24V ‰ÛÓ 1A 45W Made in China

Feature showcase

For a more in-depth look into the features of the Robomaid RM-770, check out the. Features Page

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Customer Reviews

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  1. Quick and Easy

    Posted by Megan on 8th Aug 2013

    I’ve had Robomaid for 3 weeks and have found it very effective. I have two dogs that like to shake and I use Robomaid every day and it amazes me how much it actually picks up. I have found that it doesn’t like thin cords like computer/telephone chargers and it does tend to get stuck under some furniture. However, I turn it on when I get home from work and use the virtual wall (and close some doors) to ensure it doesn’t get stuck and then I relax. It’s the best money that I’ve spent. Hopefully it will continue to be so.

  2. Snoopy & Sniffy

    Posted by Gail on 30th Jun 2013

    My daughter gave me one when I had a hip replacement. It was a blessing. I now have one upstairs and one down stairs. Their names are Sniffy and Snoopy My bachelor son just asked for one for his birthday. We'll see .....

  3. Wow surprised

    Posted by Susan on 20th May 2013

    I got this for Mother's Day I was a bit skeptical but it really does work

  4. Doris

    Posted by Doris on 19th Mar 2013

    l have had my Robomaid for 2weeks now and it is great my floors are so clean and under my bed places l could not do the best vaccum l bought very happy and took only 3 days to be delivered thanks guys Robomaid is something else.

  5. Jerry

    Posted by Jerry on 19th Mar 2013

    I am a work at home mother as well as full time with my daughter, so I really needed some help around the house, The robomaid has far exceded my expectations, and has given me a break! Why did I not find this yrs ago!! Fan for life.

  6. Ian

    Posted by Ian on 19th Mar 2013

    Excellent. I used it for the first time a week after professional carpet cleaning and it still picked up quite a bit of stuff. In the following month I have used it three times and each time it picks up dirt although this is not a dirty house just me and a small short-haired dog. I follow up with a vac of the edges, corners, skirting boards etc.

  7. Tammy

    Posted by Tammy on 19th Mar 2013

    I have had my Robomaid for a year now. I had seen it on tv and thought emmmm. I really wanted to see it in action and did at the Royal Melbourne Show, i left the show without ordering one and thought about it. I went back a few days later and ordered one. I love it, but my friends laugh when they see it running, but i get the the last laugh, because i don't waste my time vaccuming the floors anymore! Thanks Robomaid

  8. sheree lewer

    Posted by sheree lewer on 19th Mar 2013

    just ordering mine now. can't wait till i get it.

  9. Dorothy

    Posted by Dorothy on 18th Mar 2013

    I’ve had my Robomaid for a couple of weeks now and am really happy with it. It’s a little bit loud, but not as loud as my old vacuum, and the best thing is it gets under the beds! I’ve got a back injury and tried using a cordless vacuum for a while but vacuuming was still hard, and vacuuming under the beds was nearly impossible. Now my Robomaid does it all for me. I called up to ask a couple of questions and the girl that I spoke to was really helpful. I’ve got a dog with long hair and the Robomaid has been great at picking up all the dog hair.